Our company, G2Tech, develops custom web and mobile applications for a wide range of industries. We have a team of talented developers who work with various stacks like Laravel, Node.js, React, Vue, Docker.

We have created products for customers working in different domains such as healthcare, education, e-commerce, entertainment, video streaming and more. We have delivered solutions that are scalable, secure, user-friendly and cost-effective.

We are passionate about solving complex problems with innovative technology. We are always ready to take on new challenges and help our clients achieve their goals.

Here are a few of our top products:


Immigration, investment, travel and studying abroad are topics we are used to hearing about these days, the massive GO2TR family is by your side to make this journey easier for you. Our team’s goal is to provide accurate information and complete advice, in accordance with your circumstances and CV, and to guide you to the best immigration path for you, provide complete services, including all steps for obtaining admission to study and work, as well as the investment process, company registration and other matters to bring you a favorable future as you wish.

Technologies: Wordpress, Cloudflare



GO2TRain has produced a self-learning platform and teaching aid that helps you learn a foreign language more easily and quickly. Learning resources that stream directly to your device are available on our learning platform. We used top technologies and latest UI/UX methodologies to make this fast, easy to use, and easy to learn.

Backend: Laravel, MySQL, Redis
Frontend: Nuxt.js
DevOps: Docker, Traefik, Cloudflare
Mobile: Flutter



GO2TRIP is a website for travel around the world with first class services that provide high quality tours for customers.

Technologies: Laravel, Next.js


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